Prayer in midst of disagreement

Recently the news was headlined with “Kathy Griffin beheading Donald Trump in a shocking photo shoot” in which she appeared holding a bloody head of Donald Trump….. Before a start this. Man, that was disgusting and disturbing. We all have our differences. We may be Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. And it’s okay to belong to […]

Build a longer table, not a taller wall.

hey fam! <3 I’m sure if you have a Facebook, or Twitter you have heard people share something to the effect of, “If you have a great fortune, build a longer table, not a taller wall”.   i know how hard it can be to be so afraid that you just want to put up […]

You are so much more than that “label”

Admit it. We’ve all been labeled or labeled someone at some point…… Whether it’s by our physical appearance, or religious affiliation, or our skin color. Here are some examples of labels: too skinny, too fat, too emotional, depressed, talks too fast, quiet, shy geek, nerd, smart, stupid, idiot, retard, jock, hipster woman, man straight, gay, […]