Me? Cooking? Who woulda thought?

Last April, I interviewed for a job with Ceremony Coffee Roasters out of Annapolis, Maryland. I interviewed to be a barista. After the second interview a few days later I received a call from who would then become my manager letting me know that instead of me taking on the position of a barista, they […]

Living with My Dyspraxia: Kitchen Struggles

I currently work at a coffee roasting company as one of their cooks. It’s an interesting job and I get to make delicious food such as However, I also have dyspraxia. Dyspraxia, otherwise known as, DCD, Developmental Coordination Disorder affects between 2-10% of the population. It is under diagnosed in the United States and can […]

A little spearmint for your brownies. 

Last night I made delicious spearmint brownies. 😋 Today, I’m sharing the recipe with you. What you will need: Brownie mix(I used Annie’s organic brownie mix). It called for two eggs. 1 tablespoon of water 1 stick of butter But, follow whatever your box says. Add 2 drops of Youngliving’s Spearmint Vitality. The box said […]

Rosemary Mashed Potatoes 

Hey fam! ❤️ Tomorrow is Easter! Can you believe it’s almost here? man time really flies…. If you are looking for that last minute recipe this is a great one. I tried this yesterday and the potatoes came out delicious! This is great if you are cooking at your home or bringing a dish to […]

Cinnamon-Apple Crumble

We all crave desserts. Sometimes we go on Pinterest and pin these delicious recipes that we want to make but sometimes never get around to. this recipe is courtesy of Young Living Essential Oils. for more ingredients and products from them click here and plug in my ID code: 11577392 Ingredients needed: For the Cinnamon-Apple Filling: […]