11 “frightening” things to overcome in 2017

IMG_4540.JPG2016 is almost over and 2017 is just around the corner.

This whole year I thought 2016 would never end-mainly the election.

I ended up being pushed to whole new levels. I single-handedly ran the social media for my dad’s congressional campaign, I was in a car accident, I got my yoga certification to be a yoga instructor, and learned to trust God just to name a few.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to see what 2017 throws at me-whether it’s good or bad. I know that the Lord is on my side.

Going into 2017 I have 11 “frightening” or “scary” things I want to overcome or push myself through. I guess in a way you could call it a New Years Resolution.

1. Go skydiving. I’m afraid of heights so this would be a real challenge to overcome. But, two summers ago I overcame my fear by bungie-jumping from 50 feet in Tennessee.

2. To turn my phone off at night and keep it off until I wake up in the morning. Some of you may be thinking, “This doesn’t seem that challenging”. For some of you this may be a piece of cake, for me however I am really into social media and finding out new ways to use it. My goal is to start each day with God before turning on my phone.

3. To try new foods in familiar places. You know those restaurants you go to that you order the same thing from every time you go there? Yeah, when I go to familiar places I want to try a new thing off of the menu, something random.


4. To explore more abandoned buildings. As many of you know, I absolutely love to explore. I love photographing and exploring abandoned buildings. However, because of how busy I’ve been this year I just haven’t had as much time to explore.

5. To eat more mushrooms. Those who know me personally know I’m not that fond about eating mushrooms. In 2017 I want to eat more mushrooms.

6. Get involved and be an advocate for abused girls. Past ex-boyfriends have verbally abused me and tried to control me. Nobody should ever be allowed to dictate what you should or should not do. Nobody should ever get anyone down. I know firsthand how damaging it can be.

7. To worry less and stress less. I tend to worry and over think when I’m scared or frightened. In 2017 I want to let go and trust that God is in control.

8. Master and get certified as a ASL Interpreter. Years ago I taught myself American Sign Language. In 2017 I want to be fluent and eventually be a interpreter.

9. Get certified in touch and therapy yoga. In 2017 I want to go through more certification to teach yoga to different specialties and to work with different groups of people.

10. To visit a new state. One of my goals in life is to visit all 50 states eventually. In 2017 I want to visit a state that I have never spent time in.

11. Learn to use chopsticks. Jakub, my amazing boyfriend and my family love to use chopsticks. For me, the struggle is real when using chopsticks. In 2017 I will master the use of chopsticks.


These are my 11 “frightening” things to overcome for 2017. You can do more or less, but friends, in 2017 let’s overcome our fears and doing a little more trusting.