About Elizabeth Louise

Elizabeth Louise  is from Annapolis, Maryland.
She is a blogger, speaker and social media influencer.
She is an active supporter in ending human trafficking and has spoken out in support of the End It Movement.
As well as supporting an end of human trafficking she supports adoption.

At age 26, Elizabeth found out that she had Dyspraxia. Today, she tries to motivate people using her story and spread awareness for Dyspraxia.
Dyspraxia is a developmental coordination disorder. It affects fine gross motor skills. It is a life long condition with no cure. It affects nearly 10 percent of the population. Symptoms of Dyspraxia may include:
Problems planning, staying organized or carrying out movements and thoughts.

She is a writer/contributor for AND Magazine, and writes primarily on social issues, religions and politics. Along with writing she is currently a chef and is working towards a degree in Culinary Arts..




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