In today’s blog post I’m going to be going through the grooming and personal care struggles that dyspraxics may go through.

Adults with Dyspraxia face challenges daily from tasks that non – dyspraxic adults may find easy to carry out.


For me sometimes the struggle is between being afraid I’m going to poke myself in my eye when doing my mascara, and finding it difficult to do the hand movements everything. I know the process of doing make-up: moisturizer, foundation, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, lips, etc.

I usually try to keep my makeup application simple.

As for eyebrows, I gave up trying to do them myself. I get them done at the beautician. I’ve learned from experience when I do my eyebrows, I end up leaving huge gaps in them and looking sort of like Seamus Finnigan from Harry Potter every time he produced explosions and blew off parts of his eyebrows.



Do not even get me started on hair tasks. Most children and adults with dyspraxia try to find hairstyles that are simple and easy to maintain. Especially when you have to use a hair dryer, it may be awkward to grip and handle.

My struggle with hair is trying to figure out how to get my hair into all those cute styles I’m always looking up and wanting to try and trying to figure out how to hold my hair dryer in the process.

I tend to like to stick with shorter to medium styles for my hair as it’s easier for me.

Teeth Care:

People without dyspraxia may find brushing their teeth easy. For dyspraxics, trying to figure out how to grip their toothbrush and co-ordinate movement while brushing teeth may be an actual frustration and nightmare.

Many dyspraxics find setting a timer on their phones helps, and using an automatic toothbrush extremely helpful.

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