I’m nothing more than a pumpkin 🎃 

It’s Halloween guys. The day where kids dress up like ghosts, pirates, Eleven from Stranger Things, etc and go from house to house and say, “Trick or treat” I’m going to keep this relatively short. I’ve been thinking about today and costumes and pumpkins and after staring at pumpkin after pumpkin it hit me! I’m […]

#Metoo: My story by Elizabeth Louise 

Scrolling through Facebook and Twitter over the past few weeks you’ve probably come across posts and articles about sexual assault victims coming out and sharing their stories and using the #metoo For awhile I’ve been debating whether or not I should write my story and if I do what am I going to say? What […]

“Everyone else is doing it”

“Everyone else is doing it” “Everyone is saying it” “Everyone will be at this party” “Everyone is seeing this movie” If you are a parent you are probably all too familiar with your children saying son similar to you.. Or maybe you or your friends have said something like this to each other at one […]