Iced Peppermint Mocha Recipe 

Good morning! If you are a coffee lover like me you just can’t get enough of it. Am I right? Some days I think I drink between 3-4 a day……  Summer brings hot weather & iced drinks. Which is why I am bringing you guys a special blog today.  Iced Peppermint Mocha recipe: 1. 1 […]

11 labels to stop using

Labels. We’ve all judged someone and labeled someone. We’ve all been judged and had someone label us.   I’m going to tackle a few of the labels that I feel we need to stop using: Addict: Being an addict is actually very serious. Naming someone an addict just because they struggle with something may actually […]

Do others see Christ in you? 

I’ve had an eventful day today. I went to clear my head today at a local beach. I found a boat with paddles that looked like they hadn’t been used in years-but were in fairly good condition. Me being up for an adventure and something new got into the boat(not always recommended btw). At some […]

It’s okay to un-plug.

Technology is wonderful.  Social media is a great tool. It helps us to connect not only with family and friends but it provides businesses with a tool to reach customers that they might otherwise not have been able to reach before. lets be honest though…. our technology and social media can be so distracting and […]

Viewing God like we view a sunset. 

The other night I was sitting downtown Annapolis journaling and writing a new chapter in my upcoming book. The water has always been a place of calm for me, something about sitting on the docks staring off into that blue water always bring me such peace. I was fortunate enough to catch the sunset, and […]

Prayer in midst of disagreement

Recently the news was headlined with “Kathy Griffin beheading Donald Trump in a shocking photo shoot” in which she appeared holding a bloody head of Donald Trump….. Before a start this. Man, that was disgusting and disturbing. We all have our differences. We may be Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian. And it’s okay to belong to […]