26 Things That I’ve Learned In 26 years.

That’s how old I will be on Tuesday.
I know I may look like a 21 year old, but I’m actually 26.
Wow. I’m another year closer to being 30.
Geez…..I’m getting so old.

I haven’t written a blog post in awhile due to focusing on writing my book. I recently thought about what I wanted to write about in my next blog post. Do I want to do a serious topic? No. Not right now.
I ended up deciding on writing about 26 things that I’ve learned.
Without further delay, here they are:

  1. It’s okay to say no: I like to please people. It’s something that I struggle with. I don’t want someone to think less of me if I say, “No”. Over the course of 26 years though I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to say, “No”, even if it means someone may not speak to you for a day, or two. Even if it means they may think you were rude by saying no.
  2. It’s okay to take self-care days: Life gets hard. Can we all agree on this? We have so much to do, whether it’s classes, picking the kids up from school, that 5th load of laundry, grocery runs, making the bed, oh and don’t forget squeezing in that daily workout. Sometimes we need to know when we need to have a glass of wine and a bubble bath. Sometimes we need a massage. Sometimes we need a day on the beach. It’s okay to take self-care days. We all need them.



  1. It’s okay to ask for help: I like to try to think that I can do everything on my own. I feel guilty when I feel the need to ask someone for help. I feel like I’ve done something wrong when I need to ask someone for help. Honestly though? There are times when we all need help.
  2. It’s okay to admit when we don’t have the right answer.
  3. Stress only produces more grey hairs, God has everything under control.
  4. It’s okay to not go with the flow and just stand out.
  5. Meditation has become something I look forward to doing each day.
  6. I’m actually a morning person. I enjoy sipping a coffee, enjoying the sunrise and doing my yoga flow.
  7. Baseball has easily become my favorite sport.
  8. I actually really don’t like confrontation: I will avoid it if I can. But, there are times when confrontations happen and you need to take a  deep breath and power on.
  9. I’m basically a hipster. I drink kombucha, I do geocaching, I’m a yoga instructor.
  10. I find great joy and beauty in exploring abandoned buildings and places. I love to see places that are now forgotten and unused and see the stories that they tell and the beauty in them.
  11. Friends will come and go: This is key. Sometimes you need to let people go, maybe the friendship/relationship is abusive, maybe you need to allow God to work in these peoples lives. Whatever the reason may be, there are times when you need to know when to let people go. You will meet new people and gain new friends as your hobbies and location in life changes.
  12. Don’t settle. Sometimes we get impatient, it’s no reason to settle for something less than we deserve.
  13. People change: Change is inevitable. If you aren’t changing, you aren’t growing. Change can be scary, but needs to be tackled head on.
  14. There are times when you need to be blunt and not sugar coat things: We all like to say the truth while finding the right words to delicately put things. Honestly, sometimes you need to say the truth. There are times when you need to say what a person needs to hear.
  15. Having a filter with honesty is key though: On the flip side of being blunt is knowing WHEN to be blunt and brutally honest. For example: You wouldn’t call someone out for offending you on the day they are attending a funeral. Or you wouldn’t tell someone that they seem to have gained a few pounds after having a child. You need to have a filter and discernment on the timing.
  16. You are not defined by your mistakes: Each mistake, each mess up, is a new opportunity for you to find out who you are. It’s a new opportunity for you to grow and learn and move forward.
  17. I still don’t like mushrooms: I’ve tried mushrooms, I’ve eaten them before. I still do not like the taste of mushrooms though. Ugh.
  18. I prefer more of a pescetarian lifestyle: I do eat meat off and on. However, I mainly will eat seafood, veggies and fruit.
  19. Always be humble: Sometimes we get a little too full of ourselves. It’s great to humble ourselves, and remember that it’s not all about us. It’s great to show some gratitude.
  20. Challenge stigma and prejudice when you see it. Always stand up for wrong doing and for people that are treated unfairly. If you see something, or someone being treated unfairly speak up against it.
  21. Be open to hearing peoples opinions: Whether you agree with them or not, it’s great to hear other people’s opinions out and see things from their perspective.
  22. Be kind to yourself and love yourself: We are sometimes our own biggest enemy: More often that not we are our biggest enemy to ourselves. We judge ourselves more harshly and often we are our biggest critics.
  23. There is only one of you: I think we forget this one. We like to wear the same clothes, shop at the same stores, do the same hobbies, listen to the same music. It’s okay to shop at other stores. It’s okay to listen to a band that nobody has heard of. It’s okay to be you. There’s only one of you, so don’t spend your life trying to be someone else.
  24. Quality over quantity of friends: Having genuine friends is the best. Seek out friends with the greatest qualities, rather than seeking a large quantity of friends.
  25. Social media is a blessing and curse: Can I get an amen on this? It helps us keep in contact with those friends we went to first grade with, but sometimes it sucks us in when we spend 3 hours on it. It’s necessary for me to use social media to promote my brand, my blog, my book, etc but there sometimes a time when I need to unplug.
  26. Talk less, and do more: Something I think we all struggle with is talking more than we actually do something. When someone asks us to pray for them, how much easier would it be to either write down their prayer in a book, or to pray with them at that moment? If someone says they need us to help them, how much easier would it be to help them in the moment rather than say okay and forget about it? Let’s do more, and talk less.

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  1. Years 26-28 were my absolute favorite of my twenties. I think it is a great spot where you finally become more sure of yourself, what you are doing, the friends you have, and so on. When I was your age I was TERRIFIED of turning 30… I am 31 now and I love it! I do miss things like my smaller waist and clear skin, but those changes came about with childbirth, not age. I feel like around 30 you know yourself, where you are headed, and the type of things and people you want in your life. Love your post!

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