The God of Women as much as the God of Men

If you read your Bible I’m sure you are more than familiar with how the lineage is often gone through men. The saying, “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob” is familiar. Men are highly respected as being the spiritual leaders.

Honestly? I’ll be blunt here. If I were still an atheist and I read the Bible I would think God favored men and didn’t appreciate women. It would make me feel like women were viewed as property.

Alas, this is false. God is the God of Sarah, Rebecca and Leah as much as being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Before we go further let me clarify: when reading the Bible we need to approach it with a understanding of the Bible being written centuries ago, in societies much different from today. 

Continuing on, women are more than just friends, girlfriends, wives, moms, sisters, daughters. We are co-workers, teachers, bloggers, yoga instructors, doctors, nurses and politicians. 

For as much as we can learn from men in the Bible we learn a lot from women.We see a woman healed by her faith just by merely touching the clothes Jesus wore. Two women were the first to discover the empty tomb of Jesus. The maternal instincts of Pharoah’s daughter kicked in and she saved baby Moses from the basket he was wrapped up inside.

These are just a few examples of the types of stories we see in the Bible. We can learn just as much from the women of the Bible as we can from men in the Bible. 

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