If you are on twitter the chances are high that you’ve probably seen the #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear going around

With sayings like:

“Dress modestly, you don’t want to make a man stumble”

“You can teach the children and other women, you just can’t teach the men”

“You’d make a great pastors wife someday”

“You can’t be Christian and Feminist”

“I wouldn’t wear yoga pants, it’ll cause a man to stumble”

These statuses may be 140 characters, but they speak about very real issues and hurt from women in the church. We hear these sayings, phrases and words all the time. Honestly? It doesn’t speak to the heart issues or sins that men struggle with. It makes us feel invaluable, like we don’t have worth. It makes us feel like we don’t have an opinion. It makes us feel like we are viewed as being just another “temptation” or “sexual object”.

Far from it. You see, we have immense value given to us by our Creator, our Father, our God. We are just as capable of holding opinions and beliefs as men are. We are way more than being a “Pastors wife”.

As you read through the statuses in this hashtag, read with an open heart and a place of understanding.

-Elizabeth Louise

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