So, what’s “good” about Good Friday, anyway?

hey guys! <3

Happy Good Friday! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far.

as we prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday this weekend I wanted to talk about something that is on my heart right now. what with all of the war and violence and bombings going on around the world.
As we celebrate Good Friday today, maybe by doing a devotional or going to a evening Good Friday service I hope that we can fully understand and appreciate what Jesus has done on the cross for us…

for so long I was confused as to why it was referred to as “Good” Friday. i mean……Jesus was crucified on the cross for the sins of the world, right? he died and suffered for us. what’s so good about that?

let me tell you.


what makes it GOOD is that though Jesus died on the cross, he DIED for you and i. in that while we were still sinners, he died and made a way for us to come to God. every mistake and every bad decision or sin you’ve ever thought or done, jesus took all of that guilt, and sin and it was nailed to the cross when he died.

Jesus WILLINGLY offered up himself, and suffered and died by crucifixion on the cross  as the ultimate sacrifice of our sins. He ALLOWED himself to be nailed to the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

The GOOD news is that, he made a way..
You NO longer have to look to alcohol, drugs, smoking, other religions to find yourself or forgiveness.
You NO longer need to try to rack up all of these good deeds that you can list to get yourself into heaven.
You NO longer need to put pressure on yourself and feel guilt for past mistakes or sins that you are holding on to.
You are already forgiven. Jesus paved a way for you today, are you willing to take this good news and accept Jesus into your life?

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