Finding your //tribe//

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the type of people who I would like to surround myself with in life and who I have surrounded myself with. it has made me think. “What exactly should we look for in people who we want to be surrounded with?” and “how do we go about deciding the people who should make up that tribe?”. the people who we are surrounded by have a bigger purpose than to just be there when we want to hang out and have fun. they end up impacting our lives, for better or even sometimes for worse(if you aren’t careful). when finding YOUR own tribe, try to factor in a few of these points.

  1. the people that we surround ourselves with end up influencing our lives. i am sure at one point or another we’ve all heard the saying, “You become who you hang out with”. that’s true to a point. if we are surrounded by people who are constantly serving and helping others, we will be pushed to do the same.  if you can’t stand them or you have any kind of doubt in your mind about how they will affect your life, maybe take a little more time to get to know them before deciding to surround yourself with them.

2. the third thing about a “tribe” is that usually we seek out people with mutual shared interests. maybe they share the same values. maybe they share the same interests in books. or maybe they share a love for art museums and sipping glasses of wine.

3. the people who we surround ourselves with also become family. we look to these people as a “second” family. they help to lift us up when we are sad or angry. they’re there for us when we just want to celebrate. they are there for those 2 am phones calls(no matter how tired they may be). or maybe they know when you need to be left alone and have “you” time.  the point is, our “tribe” becomes like our family.

4.  Your tribe can be found anywhere. in almost any person. DO NOT limit yourself. these are just a few bullet points of what I’ve learned over the years on finding your own “tribe” or family.




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