The Day My Life Was Turned Upside Down

You wake up. Maybe hit snooze on your alarm once or twice. Get showered and dressed. Brush your teeth and head out the door to work or school. Add or minus a few things.

You get in your car and then you make it to your destination. Right?

Or so we want to think that’s usually the case. For me however, a year  ago my life got turned upside down. I mean that in the very real sense.

I took a left hand turn and got hit on the rear passenger side. The car flipped twice. All I remember was waking up upside down and hanging from my seatbelt. Thank God for seat belts. Seriously. As I regained consciousness I started to look around at the broken glass everywhere, eventually I began panicking and began trying to figure out how in the heck I would get out of the car and get myself standing right side up. Somehow I managed to get out of the car. I remember someone helping me, after that I’m not sure. It’s all a blur.

I spent the night in the hospital due to a concussion and bleeding to the brain. For weeks afterwards I was sore to the point where I could hardly move. I remember feeling like a truck and train had simultaneously run me over. I began to attend yoga classes at a local gym daily. Sometimes even twice a day.

I would get on my mat and start using that time to talk with God. “God I am so beyond frustrated. I don’t understand what you are doing in my life or the purpose you’ve given me.”  Sometimes I would actually go into child’s pose and cry while talking to God. Yoga didn’t just help me lose weight or provide with me fitness hour. It helped me find purpose in all the anxiety and frustrations of life. At a moment in life when I was questioning what God had in store for my life and why He had kept me alive, yoga provided me with a time to worship Him and talk to Him.

I realized that sometimes in the midst of all the chaos in life, God turns our lives upside down to re-direct us down the path He intends for us. Sometimes God turns us upside down to grab our attention and re-center our lives and tell us that we’ve been driving down the wrong side of the road.

Friends and family, figuratively speaking let’s let God turn our lives upside down and lead us down the road He has planned for us. Let’s meet God on the mat or wherever He may call us to experience His daily grace and love. Let’s seek Him out daily even in the midst of the chaos.






Hand Those Reins Over to God.

Recently I received an e-mail.

After reading it I had to laugh at God’s sense of humor. After weeks of worrying whether or not I would hear back from churches about whether or not they wanted Holy Yoga classes, here it was. The e-mail that made me laugh. And of course smile.

The e-mailed simply stated was from a local church in the area expressing an interest in having about two-four yoga classes a week there.

I had to sit there and appreciate the timing. I’ve been so worried and scared. I’ve been wondering what God’s plan was for me. I have made list upon list upon list writing down all the churches I was thinking of calling and talking to. I think I have a few new grey hairs. It got me thinking though. Why do we doubt God? Why do we struggle with waiting on God’s timing? Why do we struggle with trusting God?

There are many ways to answer this but I believe one of the best ways to begin to answer this is to start by understanding the basic need inside of us that we all desire to be in control. We like to know how our lives will turn out. We want to know what job we will have, where we will live, who we will marry. We want to know when we have to be at events and at what time. We like to be the ones planning our life out.

It scares us when we are not in control and have to rely on God. It scares us that there are things in life that we need help from God on or cannot do on our own. It scares us just thinking about the possibility that maybe our plans to be a Doctor or a NFL player may not be what God wants for us, and instead He may want us to open our own restaurant or open an orphanage.

One of my favorite bible verses is the following: Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

GOD is sovereign. GOD is all-knowing. GOD is all-powerful. GOD knows everything we will ever say or have said. GOD knows what we will do and all that we have done. GOD is the very meaning of love. GOD is omnipresent.

Just to list a few of the characteristics of God.

We all struggle with letting go of the reins and handing them over to God. Especially when we know that His plans for our life far exceed our expectations or any plans we could want for ourselves. We all struggle with handing the reins over to God, and instead we worry.

This year lets start handing those reins over to God and allowing Him to lead us through whatever life may hand us or throw at us. Let’s not worry when it may take a month to hear a response from a job, or find an apartment or finally get that new car you’ve always wanted.